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Over 1,000 Heinz Field guards join the Service Employees International 32BJ Union (SEIU). As a result, workers increase their hourly pay to $11.75. As of 2016, Pittsburgh Steelers decide against renewing their employment contract with the firm U.S. Security. As a result, 15 guards would lose their jobs. The employees organize a protest, arguing that they are being replaced with low-wagers. Protesters state that their employer jeopardizes the safety at the stadium. And all that without giving the workers proper notice about the termination of their contract. The employer allegedly aims at workers who wouldn't unionize.

The SEIU sends an official request for the Steelers to re-examine their decision. A public reply comes from Jimmie Sacco, director of stadium management. He states that officials from U.S. Security were aware of their contract terms, including the end date. Sacco confirms that their event service partner would take over building security responsibilities.