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Expand the use of Police body cameras
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Building on the work PIIN did last year to build a better relationship between our communities and the police, the Public Safety Taskforce is petitioning the PA House and Senate to pass legislation that would require police to wear body cameras. Research shows that body cameras dramatically reduces "use of force" incidents, injuries to both police and civilians, and complaints.


Big Win for Education Funding

For months, PIIN members have been travelling to Harrisburg for rallies in support of a fair education formula for our schools. This week it paid off when both the Senate and the House passed legislation writing the bipartisan formula we've been fighting for into law.

The gap between the richest schools and the poorest schools in Pennsylvania is the worst in the country. This formula means that state funding for schools will finally take objective measures like student enrollment and local tax contributions into account when distributing funds to schools.

But before every child in Pennsylvania has an equal chance at success regardless of what ZIP code they live in, the legislature has to increasing the funding that goes through the new formula. The most recent budget only increased education funding by half of what we actually needed to start turning our schools around. As the budget process heats up again in advance of the June 30th deadline, we need to keep the pressure on.