Education Task Force

PIIN’s Education Task Force is actively engaged with community stakeholders, parents, and the faith community to establish community schools and guarantee the funding needed to provide high-quality education to every child.

Spiritual leaders of PIIN believe that congregations are community institutions and that our communities are Holy Ground. As a faith-based organization, PIIN believes that the faith community is a sacred partner with the schools.

Task Force Chair: Rev. Darlene Figgs

Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month, 5:30 PM-7:00 PM, Carrone Baptist Church
(Check the calendar for changes)

Recent Updates:

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Media Coverage

Activists, parents rally against school suspensions

Less than a week after the Pittsburgh School Board choice for new superintendent outlined his priorities for the coming year, parents, students and activists from One Pittsburgh’s Education Rights Network rallied to remind him and the board of their priority—ending the current suspension system that they say is detrimental to learning and biased against African American children.

“I know a girl who’s a 4.0 student at U-Prep who was suspended four days for being late to class,” he said. “And as a parent, I’m concerned when I see that 22 percent of the district elementary students have been suspended, and that number is 44 percent at U-Prep.”