Eleven congregations complete Sacred Conversations on Race + Action

In October, PIIN launched Sacred Conversations on Race + Action, a series of congregation-based discussions designed to provide a safe space to discuss race and racism in our country and in our communities. Since then, members at eleven congregations have reflected on their own past experiences and challenged one another to expand their own levels of personal awareness.

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Build your sphere of influence on June 8th.

On Thursday, June 8, PIIN will expand the scope of our monthly board meeting to host a base building training to equip members with the tools necessary to learn the craft of organizing. As we shift from organizing money to organizing people, we must develop the skills...

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Long-planned sermons on gun violence take on new urgency

When a group of Christian organizations teamed with the Allegheny County Health Department in recent months to ask pastors to talk in their sermons Sunday about preventing gun violence, they were thinking mainly about the relentless beat of killings and other assaults, injuries and trauma affecting the families and neighborhoods of the victims.

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Activists, parents rally against school suspensions

Less than a week after the Pittsburgh School Board choice for new superintendent outlined his priorities for the coming year, parents, students and activists from One Pittsburgh’s Education Rights Network rallied to remind him and the board of their priority—ending the current suspension system that they say is detrimental to learning and biased against African American children.

“I know a girl who’s a 4.0 student at U-Prep who was suspended four days for being late to class,” he said. “And as a parent, I’m concerned when I see that 22 percent of the district elementary students have been suspended, and that number is 44 percent at U-Prep.”

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Group envisions ‘A Pittsburgh That Works for Working People’

Labor advocates gathered Monday at the August Wilson Center for a panel discussion on the recently released report, “A Pittsburgh that Works for Working People.” The study, conducted by the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, included a series of recommendations they believe would improve the lives of Pittsburghers. The panel, which included economists, service workers and religious and elected leaders, discussed what steps the city would need to take to implement the proposals.

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A new report foresees a Pittsburgh that works for working people

Yesterday, the August Wilson Center hosted a community panel focused on finding solutions to the city’s affordable housing, civil rights, economic development, job and transportation woes. The forum revolved around findings presented in A Pittsburgh That Works for Working People, a new report by the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) examining how these issues impact Pittsburgh and its future. The panel featured economists, local community leaders and elected officials, as well as representatives from the service workers’ union 32BJ SEIU.

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Equal Pay Day rally at Market Square: why are women paid less than men?

Tuesday, April 12th is Equal Pay Day, a date that represents how long into the current year women must work to catch up to the amount men earned just in the previous year. The Market Square rally, organized by the Women and Girls Foundation, is designed to raise awareness and education about the gender wage gap, particularly in the Pittsburgh region, with speakers, entertainment and the wage-gap bake sale.

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